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Gambling has arguably never been more popular than it is today. Thanks to the rise of online bookmakers, punters are now spoiled for choice when it comes to having a cheeky bet and with the industry booming as much as it is, everybody is trying to get in on the action. 

Whether it’s entering into a bookies for the first time or making your first deposit online, it can be quite a scary feeling parting ways with your hard earned money. 

Understanding the betting process can seem quite a daunting process but thanks to the rise of online gambling, things have never been easier. 

We here at Bonus Bets have developed a series of useful how-to guides running down the basics of betting on each individual sport, covering the most common types of bets placed, which bookmakers we believe offer the best odds, and breaking down the basics of the sport’s calendar, just for you. 

Before you get started on any of those though, be sure to check out this simple guide on how to place a bet for the first time and to acquaint yourself with some of the basics of betting. 

Gambling online - Getting started 

Gambling online has never been easier and with such a wide selection of licensed bookmakers available, getting started takes next to no time at all. 

The first thing you will need to do is decide which bookmaker you are going to use, which you can do by checking out our bookmaker reviews at the top of the page. Once you have done that, you simply need to make an account by clicking the ‘join’ or create account picture on the site’s home page. 

Creating your account is a simple process that involves entering your details and creating a username and password. 

Once that is done, you can deposit money into your account. Most sites will have various ways that you can do this now using not just credit and debit cards but also online money services like Paypal and virtual wallets. 

Once you have done this, simply search through the site’s available markets, add a selection to your bet slip (which will commonly appear on the right-hand side of your screen) enter how much you would like to gamble, and then click confirm bet. 

If your bet is successful, you will then be able to withdraw the money back to your bank account or to continue using it for further bets. 

Understanding odds

If you are just starting out gambling, then analysing and understanding odds can be a daunting task. 

There are two ways that odds are typically portrayed in the UK, the traditional fractional view and the decimal view. 

Fractional odds: 

The easiest way to understand fractional odds is that the first number is the amount you could win, and the second number is the amount that you have to put on, otherwise known as your stake. 

So, odds of 2/1 would mean that if you bet £1 on the bet, you would win £2. The winnings and the stake are simply multiplied from there on in depending on how much money you want to wager, so if you wager £50, then your winnings would be £100. 

Some fractional odds may appear to be a little bit more confusing but they aren’t too complicated once you can get your head around them. A bet that is listed at 7/2 would return seven pounds if you were to bet two, but just because the number says two, doesn’t mean you can’t bet one. If you bet £1 on this bet, then your return would simply be £3.50. 

Decimal odds:

A lot of punters are turning towards decimal odds because simply put, they are easier to understand.  

Decimal odds are, as their name may suggest, displayed as a decimal number and simply display the amount your selection would win for every £1 you placed on it. For example, a selection displayed at 5.00 would return five pounds for every £1 you wagered. 

A lot of newcomers found these odds a lot easier to follow but it is worth remembering that not every bookmaker will offer odds this way and will opt instead for the more traditional view. 

How to choose a bookmaker 

The online market is bursting at the seems with bookmakers and for gambling newcomers choosing a company to hand your cash over to can be quite nerve-wracking. 

Some punters will prefer to use the same bookmakers all of the time, but there are plenty of reasons to branch out and try out different markets. 

Different bookies will have better odds for different sports, while some will have better offers for specific events throughout the year. 

Above all else, you should find a bookmaker you feel comfortable with and who provides a service that suits your needs. If you have any problems deciding which bookmaker to use or have any worries about using a certain bookmaker, remember to come back to bonus bets and check our bookmakers reviews using the drop-down menus at the top of the page. 

Betting offers and sign-up bonuses 

If you are new to the betting world then there will be a wide range of offers and sign up bonuses available for you to take advantage of. 

Due to the high level of competition between bookmakers these days, the majority of companies will offer new punters some sort of free bet or advanced odds when they sign up with them, with the hope that this will be enough to lure them back to their site. 

You can often use these offers when you initially join up with a website, which puts anybody new to gambling with a whole wealth of sign up offers to take advantage of. 

You can find out how to use these bonus offers by using our guides from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

Outside of these sign-up offers though, bookmakers will regularly offer special types of bets on specific events such as cash-back bets or enhanced odds. We have made sure to cover these in each of our individual sports guides so you know exactly what to keep your eyes open for.

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