MLS Betting Tips, Predictions & Free bets

The MLS is the biggest football division in the USA and is considered to be one of the best divisions in North America.

The division has seen a significant increase in popularity over the last couple of decades and interest in football in America is stronger than it has ever been.

Needless to say, as a result of this growing popularity, the division is becoming more and more popular with bookmakers and punters as well.

How to bet on the MLS

The MLS is one of the most popular leagues in the world outside of the top European divisions and it is growing in popularity each year.

As with most football divisions, there is no shortage of opportunities to bet on the MLS, with the majority of games taking place on a Saturday, while other fixtures are often spread throughout the week.

Where to bet on the MLS


When it comes to choosing a bookmaker for betting on the MLS, most punters will find themselves spoiled for choice.

The division’s growing popularity has seen all of the major bookmakers expand their markets on the division in recent years.

In terms of odds, Bet365 tend to offer both the earliest odds for the division and the ones with the best value. They also tend to offer the widest range of markets.

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MLS Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are special offers made by bookmakers to attract new customers to their service. They can unlock all sorts of special promotions, with free bets and matched stake bets being among the most popular types of offers.

With the MLS being the biggest football league in North America, a  lot of the major bookmakers will often have offers specific to the division in that region in order to attract new customers. The division is slowly gaining traction outside out of its native USA though, and as such, bookmakers are constantly attempting to increase their markets for the division.

To find out more about how to claim bonus codes, check out our bookmakers' bonuses page using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

MLS Free Bets

While bonus codes are used to attract new customers, free bets are only offered to existing customers and tend to be used to either reward customer loyalty or to promote an upcoming event.

As with bonus codes, bookies are most likely to offer free bets or special offers around The MLS’s biggest matches or at the start or end of the season, as this is when there is the most interest in the league. The division features playoffs to determine who will win the league trophy, so this is a particularly good time to check for special offers surrounding the division.

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MLS betting tips

The MLS is one of the fastest-growing sporting franchises in the world, and the sheer volume of matches presents punters with plenty of opportunities to make money.

As with every sport, making sure you do your research is essential to making money betting on the MLS. Keeping up to date with recent results and team form is essential, as is having an up to date knowledge of player injuries and suspensions.

Here at Bonus Bets, we will regularly provide our readers with detailed match previews which will feature betting tips for each and every game.

To find a more detailed breakdown on how to bet on football in general, be sure to check out our detailed how-to bet guides using the drop-down menus at the top of the page.

MLS odds

The MLS boasts one of the busiest and most complex calendars of any football division in the world, and as such, keeping up to date with all of the odds and their changes can be a real chore.

Our dedicated sports team here at Bonus Bets have made it their mission to keep all of our readers up to date with all of the latest odds changes in the division so that you can make sure you are up to date before parting ways with your hard-earned cash.

MLS bet of the day

Finding the right bet to place can be an extremely difficult task, especially when it comes to the big football leagues. That’s why our dedicated team of tipsters have started our very own bet of the day feature.

Each day, we will find the best bet from all of our trusted bookmakers and present it to our readers, ensuring that you find the best value odds for your chosen market. The MLS will regularly be a part of this feature.

Where and how to live stream the MLS

The MLS is constantly growing in popularity and a lot of the bookmakers now offer exclusive streaming for some of the division’s hottest games.

Bet365 once again lead the way on this front, and if you head on over to their site and click the streaming tab at the top of the page, you will see which games they have on offer.

Be aware that geo-restrictions may also be enforced for streams and that a lot of bookmakers may require you to place a qualifying bet.

MLS News

Keeping up to date with the news is essential when it comes to sports betting, that’s why we here at Bonus Bets have a dedicated sports news team who aim to keep our readers up to date with all of the latest goings-on in the MLS.

From transfers to managerial appointments, we’ve got you covered, so be sure to bookmark our page and check back for regular updates.

We at Bonus Bets would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our readers to take care and to make sure that they gamble responsibly.