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Bookmakers reviews

Being good at gambling is all well and good, but you will soon hit a stumbling block if you can not pin down the right bookmaker.

Choosing the correct bookmaker for you can make or break your gambling experience. Some bookmakers, for example, may specialise in certain sports by offering the best odds and free streaming services, while others may have special features that benefit gambling on your chosen sport. This means that it is essential for you to make sure you do your research and make sure you are finding the best bookmakers who are going to offer the best value for you.

There are various factors that should be considered when it comes to choosing the right bookmaker for you, and you should always bear in mind that our reviews are our personal perspective and should be seen as a recommendation.

How do we judge our bookmakers?

In the modern day and age of online gambling, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of online bookmakers for punters to choose from, and narrowing that down can be an incredibly difficult task.

On the face of things, especially to casual punters, most bookmakers may be offering the same thing, but to those who have tried their luck with several different bookmakers and who have a little bit more experience in the gambling world, they know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are a number of factors that can influence whether or not a bookies is going to be a good experience for the customer. We at Bonus Bets have compiled our reviews based on the following criteria, as well as some other elements depending on which bookmakers we are reviewing.

Range of markets and odds 

Do they offer their customers a diverse range of markets, and do they have a suitable amount of sports or other categories to choose from? 

Early odds being made available for events

How ahead of the game are they when it comes to offering odds, especially when it comes to big events such as World Cups or the Superbowl. 

Range of bonus offers and free bets 

This is one of the most competitive areas for bookmakers. We monitor what each of the major bookies is offering and provide our readers with as much feedback as possible.

Pay-out speed

This one can often be a make or break situation for some customers, with some bookies offering very quick payouts, and others taking quite a bit of time. 

Ease of use

This is especially important for new punters. Nobody wants to spend their time going through countless links and convoluted menu screens. 

Customer service

As it is in any warp of life, customer service is essential in the gambling world. We will let you know just how good a bookies customer service team are and whether or not you can rely on them for support if it is needed. 

In-play betting features

In-play betting is an increasingly important part of modern-day gambling. We let our readers know which bookmakers have got it nailed down and which ones are lacking in this area. 

Mobile betting features/ Applications

In these increasingly busy times, the majority of us now turn to our mobiles and to apps to place our bets and that’s why we have checked out all of our bookies' mobile features and apps for our reviews. 

Not restricting accounts

Some punters may find that if they win a certain amount, or are regularly successful with a specific bookmaker, they may find restrictions being added to their account.

Some bookmakers may also have several individual touches and features that make them stand out from a crowd, and we strive to keep all of our reviews up to date with any and all of the latest developments.

How can we trust your reviews?

All bookmakers reviews posted on Bonus Bets are 100% unbiased and we have no incentive to lie about our positions when it comes to individual bookmakers.

Our star system also allows our readers to rate individual bookmakers, meaning that you can not only read our detailed reviews but also find out what other punters think of the bookmakers’s services, meaning that you can make a weighted decision without just our influence.

Our team of writers have decades of experience when it comes to the gambling and sports industries and we have applied that knowledge to our reviews to provide our readers with the most comprehensive and detailed reports we can on each bookmaker.

How do I know which bookmaker is right for me?

While we aim to provide our readers with up to date and detailed reviewers of all of our trusted bookmakers, we understand that some of our readers may be looking for a very specific experience from their online bookmakers, and it is important to remember that our views are very much suited to a general gambling audience.

A cross-referencing of our user’s ratings and our writer’s reviews is an incredibly useful thing to do, as is skimming the reviews to find out which bookmaker suits your specific needs.

Our reviews are broken down into subheadings, meaning that if you are looking to see whether a specific bookmaker has a good website or app, you can scroll down to find a detailed analysis of that section.

Ultimately, your choice of bookmaker will always come down to you as an individual, but we here at Bonus Bets are on hand to help you come to a well-informed and educated decision.

How we choose our bookmakers

With thousands of online bookmakers available these days, choosing which ones to use can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. All of our chosen bookmakers are well-respected within the industry and we provide up to date information on them all.

We have done thorough research into all of our bookmakers to ensure that all of our readers are getting the best quality gambling experience possible and to make sure that they meet all of the required licensing requirements.
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