How to bet on football corners

    Find out how to bet on football corners in this guide to betting on football online.

    How to Bet on Football Corners

    Football is one of the most popular sports in the world to place a bet on and bettors are constantly trying to find new and interesting ways to make money from the sport. 

    One betting tactic that is becoming increasingly popular in the sport is betting on football corners. 

    The idea of betting on football corners may seem a little strange to those who are not well acquainted with the sport, but it is quickly becoming a good way of making money for some of the more experienced sports bettors. 

    There is actually a lot more to betting on football corners than meets the eye, and we here at have broken it down for you right here in this useful little guide. 

    Types of Bets

    Total amount: The most obvious market to bet on when it comes to football corners is the total amount. 

    As the name suggests, this is when you will place a bet on the total amount of corners there will be. 

    This type of bet is generally presented in a variety of different ways, with the over/under format being the most common. 

    Another popular type of corners amount betting is betting on how many corners there will be in a certain period of a game. For example, you may want to place a bet on there being more or less than four corners between the 85th and 90th minute of the game. This can be a fairly effective way of betting if a team has a habit of starting strong or falling apart in certain periods of the game.

    First/last corner: This market can be quite a fun one to bet on, especially if you place a double on both the first and last corner. 

    The first/last corner market is when you bet on which team will have the first or the last corner in the match. 

    While you are never going to get any amazing odds on this kind of bet, betting on the last corner can be a surprisingly exciting bet to place. 

    Corners race: Another type of football corners bet that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the corners race. 

    In this bet, you simply choose which team you believe will be the first one to reach a certain amount in the match.

    For example, you would bet on Team A to get to six corners in the match before Team B. 

    These bets are good for those with a sound statistical knowledge of both teams and their particular styles of play. 

    Some teams, for example, may sit back in the early stages of a game and are therefore more likely concede early corners and, as a result, lose the corners race to their opposition.

    Special Bets

    Due to the increasing popularity of betting on football corners, a lot of betting sites are now beginning to offer a lot of specials and in-play price boosts in the market. 

    Despite it seeming like a fairly straight forward market to bet on, online sportsbooks are constantly being innovative when it comes to betting on corners and you will now find most sites have a dedicated section to it on their website. 

    A lot of sites will also offer corners as part of some sort of proposition style accumulator for games where you can bet on a variety of different statistics for a match. 

    Corners can also be the best bets to bet on in-play and are worth monitoring throughout the game, especially in the closing stages.

    Where to Bet on Football Corners

    Football is one of the most popular sports on the market and as such, most betting sites will offer a wide variety of markets on the sports. 

    In terms of betting on corners and offering a good variety of markets, Betwinner and tend to have the most to offer on this front. 

    Some betting sites (including the two mentioned above) also offer free streaming of some of the more obscure football games, which means you can keep up with your specific game live. They will also run  live statistics alongside the game, meaning you can see how many corners have been given so far.

    Football Corners Betting Strategy

    Betting on corners can often prove to be one of the most profitable ways of betting on football but it does take a lot of time and analysis to really make it pay off. 

    Outside of studying the average amount of corners a team creates and gives away, you should also have a sound knowledge of a team’s tactics and their playing styles. 

    Team’s who play attacking, expressive football are likely to win a lot of corners, while teams who sit back and let the opposition come at them are also likely to concede their fair share. Teams with quick wingers who like to utilise that space on the pitch are also prone to winning a lot of corners. 

    Outside of these factors, the more obvious factors such as the form of the team and their league position should also come into account. A team struggling down the bottom of the league is likely to concede a lot of corners, while a top of the table clash between two of the division’s best sides is more likely to be a bit of a tactical stalemate and produce fewer corners. 

    One of the most popular ways of betting on corners is to bet in-play, this is especially effective when the full-time whistle is approaching and one team is throwing everything they have at their opposition.