Learn out how to bet on tennis in this guide to betting on tennis online.

    How to bet on Tennis

    Tennis is one of the biggest and most exciting sports in the world and as a result, it has become one of the most popular sports for people to bet on. 

    With thousands of games taking place across the world each year, tennis presents bettors with a lot of opportunities to make money and it is also excellent business for online sportsbooks.

    The sheer number of tennis matches taking place can be a little overwhelming for newcomers to the sport. Because of that, we here at BonusBets.com have compiled the following how-to guide to help you get up to speed with betting on tennis.

    There are a number of factors you should consider when it comes to betting on Tennis. 

    First of all, you should make you do your research when it comes to the individual players. Having a strong knowledge of a player’s strength and weaknesses will give you a good edge, as will researching how players perform on certain surfaces, which is one of the major factors when it comes to betting on tennis. 

    Keeping yourself up to date with the latest player rankings can also be fairly useful, especially when betting on some of the sports’ lesser-known players. 

    Due to the fact that it is an individual sport, tennis can also occasionally favour an underdog and as such, it is worth doing some extra research in the early rounds of tournaments where betting sites may have missed a rising star or an undiscovered gem.

    Tennis schedule

    The schedule of Tennis shares a lot of similarities with that of golf. Tennis players will compete in ATP and WTA events throughout the year, and then also compete in the four major tournaments, known as 'Grand Slam' events.

    The first of the grand slams is The Australian Open, which takes place in Melbourne, Australia in January. This is followed by the French Open or Roland Garros as it is also known, which takes place in May. Up next is Wimbledon, which is considered by many to be the most prestigious of the four events; this takes place in London in July. The final 'Slam' of the calendar year is the US Open which takes place in August and September.

    Both men and women compete at these events and they all attract a huge audience and draw in bettors from around the globe.

    Types of Bets

    Single result bets: The easiest type of bet for newcomers to get their head around. This is when you predict the outcome of an individual match. 

    In tennis, this is made even simpler by the fact that a draw is not even an option and that one of the players must win.

    Due to the fact that tennis is not a team sport and is therefore totally reliant on the performance of one individual, there is often a lot of money to be made betting on underdogs. 

    Tournament outrights: The next most basic bet that can be placed in tennis is a tournament outright bet. 

    In this bet, you have to choose who you believe is going to win a selected tournament. Sportsbooks will often favour the bigger names in the sport here and it is not as advised to take a bet on an outsider on this market, though, it does happen from time to time. 

    Handicap bets: Handicap bets are one of the most popular types of bets in all sports and tennis is not any different. 

    A handicap bet presented a hypothetical scenario where one of the players starts with some sort of points disadvantage, in tennis, it is often a sets handicap. 

    These types of bets are beneficial for when you want to level the playing field a little bit and get better odds on a big name star, or when you think an underdog may be able to run a favourite pretty close. 

    Correct score betting: The correct score betting market in tennis is one of the best ways to make money on the sport, but it is also one of the most difficult. 

    There are two main markets when it comes to correct score betting in tennis. The first is the final score of the entire match, so you may predict that player A wins the game 3 sets to 2. This market can be quite lucrative if you have a good eye for the sport. 

    The other main bet placed in this market is on the correct score of an individual set. For example, you may predict that a player wins an individual set 6-4. This can be extremely difficult to get right given the number of possible scores you could get. Needless to say though, the odds on this are normally extremely good.