How to bet on The Masters golf

    The Masters is an excellent way for bettors to make some money. If you’re looking to be doing that the next time the US Masters takes place, then check out the following guide to find out everything you need to know about how to bet on The Masters.

    How to bet on The Masters

    Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world to bet on and the sports four major events are among some of the most popular betting events in the world. 

    Arguably the most popular of those four majors is The Masters or the US Masters as it is also known. 

    The event brings the sport’s finest onto one course for a week of exciting action and draws a global audience of millions. 

    The Masters is an excellent way for bettors to make some money, so if you’re looking to be doing that the next time the tournament rolls around, then check out the following guide to find out everything you need to know about how to bet on The Masters. 

    The US Masters is one of the four majors in golf that takes place outside of the usual PGA and European tours. 

    The event is the first major of the year and takes place during the first week of April, with the majority of the tournament’s action taking place between Thursday and Sunday. 

    Unlike the rest of the majors, The Masters is held in exactly the same location every year - the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

    Of the four majors, The Masters features the smallest field of golfers and unlike the other events, it doesn’t feature any sort of qualification process and is instead an invitation-only event. 

    Types of Bets

    There are lots of US Masters betting markets to choose from. The following are the most common: 

    US Masters outright winner: The most common type of bet placed at The Masters, this bet is when you choose which golfer you believe is going to win the entire tournament. 

    Due to the nature of The Masters, it is rare you will get an outsider who wins the event but at the same time, betting on a favourite will probably not prove to be too fruitful. 

    US Masters each-way betting: An each way bet is effectively two bets rolled into one, one of the selected golfer to win the tournament, another for them to place in the tournament. 

    What constitutes a placement will vary from betting site to betting site, with some offering second through to fourth, and others also paying out if your selection finishing fifth or sixth. 

    Obviously, the lower your golfer places the lower your returns, so it is worth doing your research with this one to see what each sportsbook is offering. 

    These types of bets are incredibly popular at The Masters for two reasons - one of which is that if a favourite gets off to a slow start, then they may struggle to regain ground. The other is because there is more chance of a debutant or an outsider placing than there is of them winning. 

    Top 10/20 placement: Often considered a bit of a safer way of voting, a top 10/20 placement bet is when you select whether a golfer is going to finish in the top 10 or 20 of the tournament’s final standings. 

    These bets can prove to be fairly lucrative if you have a good eye for talent. Sportsbooks tend to offer very good odds on some golfers here as they often bank on the usual names finishing well.

    Due to the more narrow field at The Masters, betting sites will often also have a wide variety of markets available.

    Special bets you might find are markets such as the highest placing amateur golfer, and novelty bets such as who will score a hole in one during The Masters.

    Where to bet on The Masters

    Due to the popularity of the US Masters, most online sportsbooks will offer a fairly wide range of markets on the event, so when it comes to choosing which one you would rather use it will mostly come down to which one offers the best odds or has the best offers. 

    With each way betting so popular at The Masters, it is worth comparing what placements each individual betting sites offer.

    A lot of sportsbooks will also offer good sign-up bonuses and enhanced odds during the tournament, so it can be a good chance to check out a different betting site for the tournament as well.

    The Masters Betting Strategy

    Due to the format and the nature of The Masters, it can be, in many ways, the most difficult of the four majors to place a bet on. 

    The invitation-only nature of The Masters does mean that the odds are going to be more narrow than they would be at other events, purely based on the number of golfers competing. 

    Hedging your bets on some each-ways is often advisable, as it is very uncommon that an outsider or a debutant is victorious at the event. 

    With The Masters taking place at the same place every year, it is also important to study golfers former form at Augusta. It is also highly common for a returning golfer to win at the tournament. 

    The course at Augusta also tends to favour long-hitters, so it is worth checking up on player’s driving distances here.