How to bet on football scores

    Over the years, football has established itself as a firm favourite among gamblers and betting on football has quickly become a staple of people’s weekends.

    How to bet on football scores

    Over the years, football has established itself as a firm favourite among gamblers and betting on football has quickly become a staple of people’s weekends. 

    Betting on football is straight forward, but betting on football scores is not always an easy thing to do. Here at we have created the following guide so that you know all of the ins and outs of betting on football scores.

    While football runs throughout the year all over the world, the most popular leagues in the world, which are those based in Europe, usually run from August through to May, with several other competitions running parallel with the domestic campaigns. 

    The number of games played in each division is dependant on the number of teams in the division. The traditional format is that every team plays every other team in the division twice - once at home and once away. 

    The majority of football matches will take place on a Saturday but in recent years, more and more games are being played throughout the week as well. 

    Cup competitions tend to take place on different days depending on the competition. 

    In addition to club football, the FIFA World Cup, the biggest international competition in the world, takes place every four years, while continental and international tournaments take place on a similar time scale.

    Types of football score bets

    Due to the popularity of betting on football results, the market for score betting is forever changing. 

    These are the most common types of bets people will place on football scores: 

    Correct score: Correct score is the most common type of bet placed on football scores and involves simply attempting to predict the correct score of a given game. 

    Most betting sites will have a page dedicated to this on their website or app and the odds are often very good, largely because it can be incredibly difficult to correct the score. 

    It is also worth noting that, when betting on tournament based football matches, the correct score tends to only apply to the score after 90 minutes and not extra-time, though, some bookmakers may offer that as a separate bet. 

    Over/Under: One of the most popular types of bets when it comes to betting on football scores is the over/under bet. 

    Over/under bets are very simple. The customer chooses whether or not they think there will be over or under a specific amount of goals in a given game. 

    For example, you may bet on a game having over 1.5 goals, which means that the game would need to have at least two goals for the bet to be successful. It is important to note that it doesn’t matter which team scores the goals in these types of bets, though, those kinds of bets are offered by some sportsbooks. 

    It can be incredibly difficult to get good odds on these kinds of bets though, and they commonly used as part of accumulators to make them worth the money. 

    Handicap Betting: Handicap bets, as their name suggests, proposes that one of the teams in a match starts at a hypothetical disadvantage as to even the odds. 

    For example, a team who is more favoured to win a match may be offered at a handicap of -1, this would mean that if they were to win the game by only 1 goal, then the result would be considered a draw. 

    These bets are often useful when there is a big favourite in a game that would otherwise not be worth placing a bet on. 

    Half-time/Full-time markets: Half-time/full-time markets come in many different shapes and sizes but the general idea is that you place a bet on what a statistic will be at half-time, and then what you believe it will be at full-time. 

    In the football scores market, this tends to focus on how many goals a team will score in the first half and then how many they will score in the second. 

    These bets are extremely hard but can prove to be very lucrative if you choose correctly. 

    Special Bets

    Betting on football scores is one of the most popular markets right now and as a result, sportsbooks tend to have a large variety of special markets available for customers to take advantage of. 

    As a general rule, the bigger the game the more football score markets that will be available. For example, the UEFA Champions League final is highly likely to have a lot of different types of special and proposition bets. 

    One of the most common special bets offered is correct score combinations bets, where you can bet on a number of outcomes in favour of one team, usually with some sort of enhanced odds. 

    Other specials often offered include winning goal margin, goalscorer/correct score combinations and the time period the goals will be scored in.