Learn how to bet on snooker in this guide to betting on snooker online.

    How to Bet on Snooker

    For those who are not well acquainted with the sport, the idea of betting on snooker may seem a little odd.

    The sport is a simple two player game that to many, offers very little excitement.

    However, sportsbooks and bettors disagree and the sport finds itself with not only an increasing presence globally but also as one of the leading sports to bet on with most online betting sites.

    If you are new to betting on snooker online, on this page we'll help to get you started by explaining how to bet on snooker.

    Snooker schedule

    While the majority of major snooker games still place in the United Kingdom, the sport has expanded in recent years, with Asia embracing it and playing host to some major tournaments. 

    The typical snooker season is comprised of major tournaments that run throughout the year, with the snooker season literally running from May to May and then just starting again. 

    The biggest tournaments in Snooker are The Masters, which takes place in January, the World Championships which are held in April, and the United Kingdom Championship which is held in November. 

    It is very common for online betting sites to live stream snooker events.

    To those not familiar with the sport, snooker can take some getting used to and as such, it is recommended that before you even consider parting ways with your money, that you get accustomed to the rules of the sport and the layouts of all of the major tournaments. 

    Tracking player’s form throughout tournaments and also monitoring previous records against other players is obviously a must, as is figuring out which tournament format benefits certain players and will also find you the best value for your money. 

    In-play betting is also becoming increasingly popular in snooker and is worth exploring, especially in tournaments which feature longer games. 

    Types of Bets

    Match result: The most common type of bet placed in sport is the simple results bet, where you choose whether or not player A or player B will win the game. 

    Like any individual sport, chances of an upset are slightly higher in snooker and therefore, it is worth doing your research in case you can find any hidden gems being overlooked. 

    Tournament outrights: Perhaps the most popular type of bet to place in snooker is the tournament outright winner bet. 

    Due to the high volume of tournaments that take place in the sport, an outright bet, where you predict which player will win the tournament, can prove to be incredibly fruitful if you have a good knowledge of players and tournament format. 

    Handicap Betting: Handicap bets are common in every type of sport and snooker is no different. 

    A handicap bet is when one of the two players start at some sort of advantage or disadvantage to even the odds and make the game more interesting. 

    Handicap betting can be particularly useful with snooker because of the sheer number of games. There can often be a good amount of cash to be made by backing outsiders with handicaps in the early stages of tournaments. 

    Frame Betting: Frame betting is when you can bet on the outcome of an individual frame, as opposed to a whole match. 

    Frame betting in-play can be particularly useful if a player gets off to an unpredictably good or bad or start. 

    Special Betting Markets

    Due to the all year round schedule of the sport, betting sites will often have a wide range of interesting markets to bet on when it comes to snooker. 

    One of the most popular specials to place on any given tournament is whether or not a 147 will be scored in a tournament. A 147 is the highest score that can be achieved, and given the quality of some of the players in the bigger tournaments, it is also worth a bet. 

    You will also find most sportsbooks will offer big markets on specific players, especially in the bigger tournaments. 

    There are also unique bets like which colour ball will be potted first. These can just make the game feel a bit more fun!