How to bet on the Super Bowl

10 Sep 2021
Phil Lowe 10 Sep 2021
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  • Betting on the Super Bowl?
  • Read our guide to betting on the highlight of the NFL calendar
Super Bowl LVI Betting Odds
The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers head the betting for the Super Bowl LVI (Getty)
  • When is the Super Bowl?
  • Types of bets
  • Full-time result
  • Over/Under
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Special bets
  • Superbowl betting strategy
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How to bet on the Super Bowl 

When it comes to big sporting events, there are few in the world that can hold a torch to the Super Bowl. The grand finale of the NFL season attracts a global audience of millions and is a guaranteed money maker for everybody involved.

Needless to say, bookmakers and experienced gamblers are also looking to make some serious cash out of the event meaning that you can find a wide array of markets and offers available for the big show. 

Understanding American football, especially for someone who is not from that side of The Atlantic, can be extremely difficult, so we here at Bonus Bets have created this useful little guide to help get you through betting on the Super Bowl. 

When is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest parts of American sporting culture and the day of the match, which has become known as ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ is often treated like some sort of national holiday in The States. 

The match is the final game of the NFL season and determines who will win the Championship for that season. 

The event typically takes place on the first Sunday of February and the event lasts for several hours, attracting a worldwide audience of millions and often featuring several live performances from musicians and bands. 

Types of bets

Even though it is the biggest game in American Football, the main bets placed on the Super Bowl are mostly similar to those placed on a normal American Football game, often with a few special twists. 

Full-time result

The most obvious bet to place on the Super Bowl and the one that most casual punters would lean towards is the full-time result market. This is a simple choice between which of the two teams you believe will win the match and as a result, the Championship. 


Over/under markets are becoming increasingly popular in all sports, and the NFL and the Super Bowl are no different. 

Over/Under bets are when you place a bet on whether you think the number of points scored in the match will be over or under a specified amount. This can be either for the individual teams or for the accumulated points in the entire match. 

If you fancy a notably high scoring or low scoring encounter once you have assessed the teams playing in the final, then this is the perfect bet to be placing.

Super Bowl MVP

The MVP, or the most valuable player, is another way of saying ‘man of the match’. 

The award is given to the player who gave the best performance during the game itself and is awarded after the match. 

The NFL also awards an MVP award for the entire season but winning MVP at the Super Bowl is seen as a huge honour. 

With this, the bookmakers often tend to favour the bigger name players, so if you expect a lesser known performer to step up their game on their big stage, then there could be some cash to be won here. 

Special bets

The super bowl is the single biggest sporting event on the planet, and as such, bookmakers often have a ridiculous big variety of special and proposition bets on offer for the event. 

The length of the national anthem, the length of the half-time performances, the number of film trailers that will debut in the half-time show, who will attend the game- these are all markets that have been available for the Super Bowl in recent years. 

Of course, these bets are all just a part of the act and should not necessarily be taken too seriously if you are aiming to make some serious money of the event. 

Bookmakers are also keen to take advantage of the extra interest in the event and will often offer new customers a good sign-up bonus for the event, which provides customers with a chance to try out different bookmakers for the show and take advantage of this. 

Such is the mammoth popularity of the event that you can often bet on the following Super Bowl during the current one, with bookmakers offering odds on the show all year around. 

There is almost too much to choose from when it comes to special bets at the Super Bowl, so just make sure you take your time and find the right offers for you.

Superbowl betting strategy

While one of the teams may be slightly favoured over the other heading into the match, the Super Bowl is one of the tightest sporting showdowns on the planet. 

The odds for the actual game itself are often incredibly narrow and it is often not worth placing a bet on the match outcome unless you are willing to part ways with some serious cash in what could be the sporting equivalent of a coin toss. 

Instead, researching players form and record in finals means you could get some good odds on players performances and you could also stand to make some nice money on the MVP market as well. 

Betting in-play can also prove advantageous, as can waiting till late to place your bets to see if you can get any enhanced odds or offer from bookmakers trying to draw in their last few punters.

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