What is a lucky 15 bet?

11 Jan 2022
Phil Lowe 11 Jan 2022
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What is a lucky 15 bet?

A lucky 15 bet is a complete coverage style bet that sees the punter place 15 individual bets over four different selections. The lucky 15 bet is effectively a step up from the Yankee bet, covering all of the same types of bets and adding four extra singles to ensure that all potential outcomes are covered. 

While it is not without its risk, the lucky 15 bet will guarantee that you win at least one bet. Whether or not you end up walking away having made a profit is a different matter though. 

To those who have never placed one before, the idea of putting on a lucky 15 bet can be quite scary, so we here at Bonus Bets have compiled the following guide to help talk you through placing your first lucky 15 bet.

Calculating odds and an example

Once you have gotten to grips with makes up a lucky 15 bet, you can then begin placing your first one. 

The first thing you should do is head on over to your prefered bookmakers (if you need help choosing one, please check out our bookmakers reviews elsewhere on the site) head over to your chosen sport and then find the events which you would like to bet on. You should then add your four selections to your betslip. 

It is worth noting that some bookmakers may have the option for you to turn your bet into a lucky 15 bet when you add the four selections to your payslip, which can save you an awful lot of time. 

None every online bookmaker will present this option though, so you should be aware of how to manually build one and how exactly they work. 

As horse racing is the most popular sport to place a lucky 15 style bet on, we are going to use that as we talk you through an example of what a lucky 15 should look like.

1) Horse A, B, C, and D to win their respective races. 

Following that, you will want to place your four treble bets: 

1) Horse A, B and C to win their respective races 
2) Horse A, B and D to win their respective races 
3) Horse B, C and D to win their respective races 
4) Horse A, C and D to win their respective races 

Next, you will want to place your six doubles: 

1) Horses A and B to win their respective races 
2) Horses A and C to win their respective races 
3) Horses A and D to win their respective races 
4) Horses B and C to win their respective races 
5) Horses B and D to win their respective races 
6) Horses C and D to win their respective races 

Finally, you will want to place your four single bets: 

1) Horse A to win their race 
2) Horse B to win their race 
3) Horse C to win their race 
4) Horse D to win their race 

As you can see from the example above, this covers all possible outcomes, so the only way you would lose this bet is if all four of your selections failed to win. 

It is, of course, possible to do an each way lucky 15, which would further cover you if your selections didn’t win, but it would also cost you twice the amount. 

In terms of calculating your odds for a lucky 15 bet, most online bookmakers will do it for you when you go to place your stake, but it is also worth doing some calculations using an odds calculator beforehand so you know what potential losses you will face. 

It is also very important to remember that whatever stake you enter in the stake box will be multiplied by 15 as you are placing 15 separate bets, not one individual one. 

Advantages of placing a lucky 15 bet

Placing a lucky 15 bet can often prove to be a very shrewd gambling move. The biggest reason for this is that if you really believe that you have four excellent seletctions, and all of them deliver for you, then you can be set to make a serious bang for your buck. 

Outside of this, it is rare that you will lose everything when placing a lucky 15 bet, and even if all of your selections don’t come in, you will probably still make some of your money back, if not a little profit. 

Disadvantages of placing a lucky 15 bet 

The biggest disadvantage of placing a lucky 15 bet is that if the bet loses, then you stand to make a considerable loss. 

While you should have done your research and chosen good options before placing the bet, there is still the chance that not one of your four selections wins and this can be very costly. 

Also, there is an argument to be made that the bet is too costly in the first place and that a high risk, high reward approach to gambling may not be the best way to gamble over a longer period of time. Playing lucky 15 bets is often not highly advised by more seasoned gamblers. 

It is also highly unlikely that you will make any sort of profit if you win just one of the individual singles as well, which means that some gamblers would advise looking at other, more conservative betting approaches instead. 

Types of sports you can place a lucky 15 bet on 

A lucky 15 bet can be placed on a wide range of sports and events, though, football and horse racing are by far the most popular. 

While traditional football results bets are popular to use in a lucky 15, an increasing number of punters are now placing lucky 15 bets on markets such as first goalscorer, both teams to score, and many others. 

Sports such as golf, tennis and boxing are also very popular sports to place these kinds of bets on, while some punters may even venture outside of sports with their lucky 15 betting, with events like elections being another popular choice.

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