What is a Trixie bet?

13 Jul 2021
Phil Lowe 13 Jul 2021
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Alan Hanrahan
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What is a trixie bet?

A trixie bet can appear to be quite complicated for those who are not to gambling, but once you have gotten your head around how it works, you will find that it can be one of the most effective ways of betting. 

A trixie bets consists of four different bets placed over the same three selections. The three selections typically come from different events in the same sport.  The first of those bets is a treble- which is when you would back all three of the selections to win, and they must then do so for the bet to be successful. The second part of the trixie is when you placed three doubles, which are bets on two of the selections, and spread them across. 

This means that a trixie bet consists of four separate bet, which you should remember when it comes to placing your stake. 

This, in theory, means that if only one of your three selections lets you down, you will still gain some profit from at least one of your doubles, while if all three come in, then you will win all four of your bets. 

This style of betting is often seen as one of the safer ways to place multiple bets, and the technique is often employed by more experienced gamblers in order to increase their profits, especially on bigger sporting events. 

Calculating odds and an example

Once you have gotten your head around what a trixie bet looks like, placing the bet itself and working out the odds are not so difficult. 

The first thing you should do is head on over to your selected bookmakers and find the event you are looking for. Trixie betting is commonly used with horse racing, so we will use that as our example here. 

Once you have found the race you are looking for, you will choose the three horses that you want to place your trixie on. 

For the sake of ease, let’s call those horses Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C, all three running in different races. The first thing you will want to do is to place your treble: 

1) Horse A to win, Horse B to win, and Horse C to win. 

Following that, you will then place your three double bets: 

1) Horse A to win and Horse B to win 
2) Horse A to win and Horse C to win 
3) Horse B to win and Horse C to win 

This means you now have four bets to place on the race, covering all of the possible multiple outcomes. 

If any of the four scenarios listed above are to come in, then you will win the amount specified by the odds.

If, however, let’s say that Horse C wins but all of the other horses fail to do so, then you will win nothing. 

If one of the doubles comes in, then you will win the money specified for that specific bet, and not the total amount from all four bets. 

You can also do an each-way trixie bet, which will further increase your chances of winning. If it often best to find an online trixie calculator when doing this in order to figure out the best way of maximising your profits.

Most online betting sites and bookmakers will also provide you with the option of turning your bet into a trixie when you go to your betting slip, all you need to do is simply add the three selections you want onto your slip and then enter your amount into the trixie box- just don’t forget that the stake will be quadrupled. 

Advantages of a trixie bet

Perhaps the biggest advantage to a trixie bet is that it increases your chances of walking away with some profit, even if it is less than it would have otherwise been. 

A trixie bet effectively provides the punter with a type of insurance, ensuring that if one of your selections lets you down, you still walk away from the bet with some profit. 

Trixie bets can turn out to be lucrative though, especially if all three of your selections come in, meaning that you can walk away from the trixie having won all four bets and probably some serious money. 

Needless to say, a trixie bet is often a lot more profitable than placing three singles on the same group of horses, though, it is not quite as secure in terms of walking away with a profit. 

Disadvantages of a trixie bet 

The clearest disadvantage to placing a trixie bet is that it can turn out to be quite costly, especially if you lose the bet. 

Because the bet involves placing four separate bets, it does also mean parting ways with four separate stakes, and if none of the results come in, or more frustratingly, just one of them does, then your losses can be quite severe. 

While a trixie bet does offer a fairly good piece of insurance, it is not quite as secure as some other type of combination bets, and therefore some more experienced gamblers would advise using a patent bet instead. 

What types of sports can a trixie bet be placed on? 

As with a lot of multiple bets, the most common sport to place a trixie bet on is horse racing.

While it is the most common, it doesn’t mean that it is the only sport you can place a trixie bet on, with the option being available for most sports. 

Trixie betting has become increasingly popular in football in recent years, with markets ranging from outright results to first goalscorer become incredibly popular with this style of bet. These are especially useful to place when all of the games are taking place at the same time and the same day, which can prove to be quite tricky with modern football. 

Trixie betting is not just exclusive to these two sports though, and punters can get quite innovative when it comes to placing one of these kinds of bets.