Types of bets
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Types of bets

Getting started in the world of sports betting can be a daunting task. What are the best type of bets to place? What does this phrase mean? How do I build this specific type of bet? These are all questions that newcomers to the industry and are likely to have, and with good reason. 

Sports betting, especially to those who are new to the concept, can be an incredibly complex and daunting idea. It is an industry rife with terminology and insider phrases and the various different betting types each come with their own individual lists of pros and cons. 

We here at Bonus Bets understand your concerns and we want to help you have the best type of betting experience possible. That’s why we have put together a series of useful guides explaining to you exactly what each type of bet looks like, how to build one, the advantages and disadvantages of such a bet, and the most common sports that they are likely to be placed on.

Before you start to part ways with your hard earned cash, you should take the time to read through our guides and make sure you understand what exactly each kind of bet entails. Take your time to read our examples and get to grips with exactly how each bet works and make sure you fully understand how much money you will be parting ways with and how to calculate your winnings correctly, so that you don’t have any nasty surprises when you go to place your bet or collect your winnings. 

Each different type of wager will come with its our set of advantages and disadvantages, and these are worth paying some serious attention to before you part ways with your money. Understanding the ins and outs of each individual type of bet is absolutely crucial to making sure you stay in profit in the long term. 

It is also important to understand exactly what sports a bet can be placed on and whether or not it is advanageous to place certain types of bets on certain sports or not. Some betting types may be better suited to some sports than others and having a good understanding of this can help you boost your winnings. 

Here are a list of all of the types of bets we have explained on the site. Click on the following links to be taken to that bet’s page for a more detailed exploration of the bet, including how to place it, sports it is commonly placed on and a working example: 

A single bet is an individual bet based on the outcome of a single event. 

A bet consisting of four or more selections placed on one betting slip.

A bet where you bet on a selection to win their event, and also to place in their event. 

What is a Trixie bet?

A four way bet consisting of one treble and three doubles spread over the same three selections. 

A seven way bet conisisting of one treble, three doubles, and three singles spread over the same three selections. 

11 bets consisting of six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator spread over the same four selections. 

15 individual bets consisting of six doubles, four trebles, a fourfold accumulator and four singles over the same four selections. 

26 individuals bets spread over five selections. A Canadian bet is made up of 10 trebles, 10 doubles, 5 fourfold accumulators and a fivefold accumulator. 

A Lucky 31 bet is made up of 31 bets over five selections. It consists of 10 trebles, 10 doubles, 5 fourfold accumulators, a fivefold accumlator and five singles. 

57 bets on a total of six selections, consisting of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulators, six fivefold accumulators, and one sixfold accumlator. 

A complete coverage version of the Heinz bet, the Lucky 63 bet consists of 15 doubles, 20 trbles, 15 fourfold accumulators, six fivefold accumulators, a six fold accumulator and six singles. 

What is a Super Heiniz bet?

A Super Heinz bet is 120 bets spread over seven selections. It consists of 35 trebles, 21 doubles, 35 fourfold accumulators, 21 fivefold accumulators, seven sixfold accumulators and one sevenfold accumulator. 

What is a Goliath bet? 

A Goliath bet is the biggest type of bet we cover. It covers 247 bets over eight selections and consists of 28 doubles, 70 trebles, 56 fourfold accumulators, 28 sixfold accumulators, 8 sevenfold accumulators and one eightfold accumulator. 

A straight forecast bet is a bet on what will finish first and second in an event, in the correct order. 

What is a Reversed Forecast bet?

A reversed forecast is when you choose who will finish first and second in an event and the order is not important. 

What is a Combination Forecast bet? 

A combination forecast is when you choose three selections, and two of them must finish in first or second place. Once again, the order is not relevant here. 

A straight tricast is a bet on what will finish first, second and third in an event, in the correct order. 

What is a Combination Tricast bet?

A combination tricast is when you must pick six selections and three of them must finish in first, second and third place. The order is not important in a combination tricast. 

Once you have read through all of the guides, make sure to check out other useful guides elsewhere on the site where we provide bookmakers reviews and guides on how to bet on individual types of sports. 

We would also like to remind all of our readers to make sure you take care and gamble responsibly.

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