What is a Yankee bet?

    A Yankee bet is a further step up from the Trixie and Patent bets explored elsewhere on the site and deals with eleven individual bets placed over the same four selections. Placing a Yankee bet can prove to be quite daunting, but this guide will help you understand every step along the way.

    A Yankee bet is built up from 11 different bets: six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator, covering a large number of permutations over your four selections. 

    That isn’t to say the bet is without its risks though, while it may offer huge rewards if it comes in, it can also be a significant blow to your wallet if you lose the whole thing.

    Once you have gotten your head around what exactly a Yankee bet looks like, you can go about placing your first one, as explained below.

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    How to Place a Yankee bet

    While most sportsbooks will offer you the option to make a Yankee once you add all four selections to your bet slip, not every betting will do this, so it is worth learning how to build your own just in case. 

    Let’s take a look at how exactly a Yankee breaks down. For this example, we are going to use horse racing to explain each of the 11 bets you would place on a Yankee. 

    The easiest of your 11 bets to place is the four fold accumulator, which would like this: 

    1) Horse A, B, C, and D to win their respective races. 

    Following that, you will want to place your four treble bets: 

    1) Horse A, B and C to win their respective races 
    2) Horse A, B and D to win their respective races 
    3) Horse B, C and D to win their respective races 
    4) Horse A, C and D to win their respective races 

    And finally, you will want to place your six doubles: 

    1) Horses A and B to win their respective races 
    2) Horses A and C to win their respective races 
    3) Horses A and D to win their respective races 
    4) Horses B and C to win their respective races 
    5) Horses B and D to win their respective races 
    6) Horses C and D to win their respective races 

    This will cover all of the possible outcomes of those selections. If all of those results were to come in, then you would win the combined total of all 11 bets. 

    If, however, none of those horses wins their races, then you will walk away with nothing, or if just one of the four horses wins their race, then you will also walk away empty handed. 

    In terms of calculating your odds, it can very difficult to calculate the returns of all 11 bets, but thankfully, the bookmakers will do this for you when you add your stake to the bet slip. 

    You should remember though that your stake will be multiplied by 11 when it comes to making your payment. This is because you are making 11 separate bets, not just one bet. 

    There are also plenty of online resources such as Yankees and odds calculators that you can use before placing your bet to calculate whether or not you think placing such a pricey bet will be worth it or not. 

    Yankee Bet Pros and Cons

    There are a number of advantages to placing a Yankee bet instead of a more traditional accumulator style bet. 

    The clearest advantage of placing a Yankee bet is that you do at least provide yourself with some considerable insurance if only one of your selections lets you down. 

    Needless to say, if all of your selections come in, then it can also be an incredibly fruitful bet, offering huge payouts if you win every single bet. 

    You can also place an each-way Yankee bet, which will offer you further insurance but will also cost you even more money, as you are then effectively 22 bets instead of 11 and are doubling your stake. 

    The bet can be particularly effective if you suspect a large number of your selections will win and are just uncertain about maybe one or two of them. 

    The clearest disadvantage of placing a Yankee bet is that the stake is going to be significantly bigger than it would be if you were to just place a simple accumulator bet across all 11 selections. 

    Whatever stake you place on a Yankee bet will be multiplied by 11, so if you place a £1 bet on the Yankee option on your bet slip, the total you will have to wager will be £11 when it comes to making your payment. 

    Due to the size of the bet, and the high stake, it is also unlikely that you will make any sort of profit if only two of your selections come in on your bet. That being said, the loss will still be less significant than if you had placed an accumulator and had lost your whole stake as a result of one loss.