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    AFL Betting Tips

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    Free AFL betting tips

    Those who are fans of the AFL and of Australian football, in general, will happily boast to you about the astonishing number of statistics available about the sport, which means there is no excuse for you not to do your research before placing a bet. 

    There are a huge number of online resources full of statistical breakdowns of each game and every team’s performance, meaning that even those who don’t watch the sport on a regular basis can come equipped to place a bet. 

    As with normal football, a lot of people will place accumulators on Australian football for fun and are not likely to see any sort of regular return. Those who operate longer term betting strategies on the sport are more likely to place singles or single proposition bets. 

    For detailed guides on all the different types of bets you can place, click on the types of bets link using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

    How to bet on AFL

    The AFL is the dominant league in Australian rules football, a type of football originating from the country.

    Despite not having professional leagues in any other countries, the sport is still played at an amateur level in several countries and is viewed by an audience of millions from all around the globe. The sport’s highly competitive nature has made it a popular choice for gamblers, as has the fact that the season runs from March through to September, meaning that it runs through the pre-season of traditional football.

    In terms of bets typically placed on the sport, it largely follows the usual bets of its traditional namesake, with match result, handicap bets, over/under, goal forecasts and accumulators being the most popular types of bets placed.

    For more detailed breakdowns on how to bet on sports, check out our useful how to bet guides using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

    Where to bet on AFL

    The AFL is one of the most exciting sporting divisions in the entire world, and as a result, it has gained a lot of attention from gamblers outside of its native Australia.

    In terms of finding the best odds for the AFL, Unibet tends to lead the way, with Ladbrokes following narrowly behind. Bet 365 offers what is probably the most in-depth market in the sport, so choosing from any of those three is probably the best approach.

    If you have any doubts over which bookmakers to use, feel free to check out our detailed bookmakers review to an honest opinion on each of the leading bookmakers.

    AFL bonus codes

    Bonus codes are offers made by bookmakers in order to incentivise new customers to sign up to use their service.

    These can not only present punters with a financial benefit, but can also be an ideal opportunity to try out a new bookmaker at little to no cost to yourself.

    Bonus codes can often unlock things like free bets, matched stake bets or enhanced odds, depending on which option the punter chooses or what the bookie is offering at that moment in time.

    While finding an AFL bonus code may be difficult outside of using Australian betting companies, a lot of bonus codes are not sports specific and can be placed on any sort of sport the punter fancies.

    Here at Bonus Bets, we aim to keep all of our readers up to date with all the latest bonus codes being offered by our trusted bookmakers, so make sure to bookmark and check the bonus codes link at the top of the page.

    AFL Free bets

    While bonus codes tend to be for new customers, free bets are often on offer for those who are already registered with a bookmakers.

    Free bets can be offered for any number of reasons- they could be could to promote a big event, keep customers returning to the service, or to reward customer loyalty. Whatever the reason, gamblers love free bets, and we here at Bonus Bets aim to keep all of our customers up to date with all of the latest free bets being offered by the major bookmakers.

    AFL free bets or enhanced odds are most likely going to be available during the season’s biggest games, as this is when there are the most eyes on the sport.

    AFL odds

    Keeping up to date with the odds of the AFL can be a time-consuming task, that’s why we here at Bonus Bets aim to keep our readers up to date with all the major and notable odds changes that take place in the sport.

    AFL bet of the day

    Scrolling through pages and pages of odds to find the perfect bet can be an incredibly tedious task, and that’s why we produce our daily bet of the day feature.

    Our bet of the day feature aims to keep our readers up to date with the best bets that are available on the market every single day, including those for the AFL.

    Where and how to live stream the AFL

    AFL is the most watched sport in all of Australia, and as such, a lot of the broadcast rights for the sport are held up by television companies in various different countries.

    At the time of writing, none of the major bookmakers offer live streams of the AFL, or Australian football in general, though, some of them may offer live updates or a vidiprinter so you can keep up to date with the match as it happens. This can make in-play betting slightly more difficult though, as there is often a slight delay.

    AFL News

    A well-informed gambler is a sensible gambler, and that’s why we here at Bonus Bets have put together a dedicated sports news team to help keep our readers up to date with all of the latest goings-on in various different sports, including the AFL.

    As always, we would like to remind all of our customers to make sure that they take care and to gamble responsibly.