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    Basketball Betting Tips

    Like a lot of American sports, the schedule for basketball is incredibly frantic, and as such, keeping up to date with everything that is going on can be a ridiculously difficult task. 

    The sport does offer punters a wealth of statistics, all of which are available online on either the teams or the division’s websites, and analysing these can give you a huge advantage over the bookmakers, especially if you have a keen eye for detail. 

    The game itself is also incredibly fast-paced and because of this, a lot of punters enjoy placing bets on the sport in-play. 

    For a more detailed guide on how to bet on basketball and on betting strategies for the sport, please check out our in-depth how to bet guides using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

    How to bet on basketball

    Basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world, with its chief franchise, the NBA, being one of the most profitable in the USA. Basketball attracts millions of viewers worldwide and has established itself as a popular sport to bet on in recent years.

    Tournament outrights, match results, accumulators and various other types of bets are all popular markets for punters to have a flutter on, while the World Series, the sport’s biggest event, sees bookies offer a ton of different proposition markets.

    For a more detailed guide on how to bet on basketball, check out our how to bet guide using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

    Where to bet on basketball

    Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, with Europe and Asia beginning to embrace the sport away from its traditional home of the United States. 

    As such, you will find no shortage of bookmakers trying to compete with one another to offer the best odds on the sport. 

    When it comes to the NBA or the WNBA, Paddy Power and bet Victor tend to offer the best odds, while Bet 365 tend to offer a good range of odds on some of the more international leagues. 

    While basketball divisions do exist outside of the States, a lot of the bookmakers may not offer great markets on these divisions, so it is definitely worth shopping around if you are looking to bet on some none NBA basketball. 

    For more information on bookmakers, check out our bookmakers reviews using the link at the top of the page. 

    Basketball bonus codes

    Bonus codes are offers made by bookmakers in order to attract new customers to their service. They typically involve some sort of free bet, matched stake bet or a price boost on a specific event.

    While a lot of bookmakers will offer sports specific events, a lot of the bookies outside of the USA are not likely to offer too many basketball specific offers. They may, however, offer some during the World Series, which is when more casual punters are paying attention to the sport. 

    To find out more about bonus codes, please check out our bookmakers bonuses link using the menu at the top of the page. 

    Basketball free bets

    Free bets are offers made by bookmakers to their customers on either a weekly or a daily basis, depending on which service you like to use. 

    Free bets, as their name might suggest, are bets given to you for free by the company. Some of these may simply be free with zero stipulations, while others may require you to stake some sort of bet first in order to receive the free bet. 

    Free bets can be like gold dust to gamblers, and we here at Bonus Bets aim to keep all of our customers up to date with all of the latest free bets offered by all of our trusted bookmakers.

    Basketball odds

    As we’ve already discussed, Basketball has one hell of a busy schedule, and keeping up to date with all of the best odds in the sport can be a very time-consuming task. 

    That’s why we here at Bonus Bets strive to keep our readers up to date with all of the latest odds and changes coming out of the sport, so remember to come and check our site daily to find out where the best value lies. 

    Basketball bet of the day

    Keeping up to date with odds is one thing, but finding the best value bets is a different ball game altogether. 

    We at Bonus Bets understand how time-consuming it can be to find the best value odds every day, that’s why our experienced tipsters offer their best tips in our bet of the day feature. 

    Where and how to live stream basketball

    The NBA is one of the biggest sports divisions in the world, meaning that unless you have a TV sports subscription at home, the chances of you being able to watch the game live are slim to none. 

    While some bookmakers may offer live vidiprinters to keep their audiences up to date with the sport (often with a few second delay, so don’t depend on this for in-play betting), none of them can offer their customers live streams of the division. 

    That being said, there are more basketball divisions in the world than just the NBA, and Bet 365 tend to lead the way when it comes to offering some of the more international divisions. 

    Readers should be aware that all bookmakers will have their own set of terms and conditions when it comes to live streaming sports. Some may offer you the stream for free, while others may require that you place a bet or simply have a funded account before you start the stream. Please be aware of these terms and conditions before you attempt to stream the sport. Geographical restrictions may also be enforced. 

    Basketball news

    Keeping up to date with all of the busy goings-on in the world of basketball can be difficult, that’s why we here at Bonus Bets have a dedicated sports new teams who aim to keep our readers in the know when it comes to the NBA and all of the world’s other major basketball divisions. 

    We at Bonus Bets would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our readers to make sure that they take care and gamble responsibly at all times.