Boxing Betting Tips

    Boxing Betting Tips

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    Free Boxing Betting Tips

    Boxing can be a wild and unpredictable sport, and as such, creating an effective betting strategy can be extremely difficult. 

    Unlike other sports, boxing is a sport that often features a considerable amount of pre-match hype and one mistake a lot of punters make is to get caught up in this and place their bet based on a boxer’s personality and not their boxing ability. 

    Keeping the focus on a boxer’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their previous records against similar opponents,  are all important factors which will help you decide where to place your money. 

    Due to the unpredictable nature of the sport, betting on an outsider can often be a smart move in boxing, especially if you feel the bookmakers have gotten negligent and offered very generous odds. 

    If you want to read a more in-depth guide on how to bet on boxing, please feel free to check out our how-to guides using the links at the top of the page. 

    How to bet on Boxing

    Boxing is one of the most exciting and unpredictable sports on the planet and as such, it has established itself as one of the world’s most popular sports to place a bet on. The sport is incredibly popular with gamblers, and bookmakers are often scrambling against one another to offer the best odds and the most in-depth markets on the sport.

    The most common types of bets to place on boxing include fight results, round betting and type of decision while the bigger fights will often have a huge variety of different proposition bets available.

    The sport’s marquee fights will be given a huge amount of attention by bookmakers and they will often have a huge number of offers available in the build-up to them.

    For a much more detailed breakdown of how to bet on boxing, please click on the how to bet guides link at the top of the page and find the boxing page from the drop-down menu.

    While you’re up there, you should also make sure to check out our type of bets guides as well to get a better idea on what type of bets to place.

    Where to bet on boxing

    Boxing is a huge business for bookmakers and as such, most of them will be in constant competition with one another to offer their customers the best odds.

    As things stand, Bet365 and Betway tend to offer better value odds, but Ladbrokes also tend to offer some of the most in-depth markets, especially during the big fights.

    In-play betting is also incredibly popular with boxing, and Bet365 and Ladbrokes tend to lead the way on this front, with the latter often offering good price boosts.

    If you have concerns about which bookmakers to use for boxing, then please check out our detailed bookmakers reviews using the link at the top of the page.

    Boxing bonus codes

    Bonus codes are special offers made by bookmakers in an attempt to draw in new customers, and can often only be used when you sign up to a new site.

    Knowing when to take advantage of a bookmakers bonus code can be very useful, as can knowing which bookmakers have the best offers on which sports.

    Here at Bonus Bets, we have compiled detailed guides explaining how to take advantage of each bookmakers’ latest bonus codes.

    You can find these guides by clicking on the bonus codes link at the top of the page.

    Boxing free bets


    Free bets are a huge part of online sports gambling and we here at Bonus Bets have made it our mission to keep our readers up to date with the latest and the best free bets.

    A lot of bookmakers will often offer a wide range of free bets on boxing throughout the year, with there being a serious increase in the build-up to some of the sport’s bigger events.

    It is also important that readers are aware of the terms and conditions surrounding free bets, as there are often a few stipulations with each free bet offered, such as a specified amount you have to wager yourself to be eligible.

    Boxing odds

    As a big fight gets closer and all of the twists and turns of the pre-fight press tour begin to take place, it can be extremely difficult to keep up with all of the latest odds in boxing.

    We here at Bonus Bets understand that, and a result, we aim to keep our readers up to date with all of the latest odds on the sport and where you can find the best value odds.

    Where and how to live stream boxing

    Boxing is one of the most in-demand sports in the world, which sadly means that television companies often restrict bookmakers from streaming them in the same way that they do other sports due to pay-per-view rights.

    That being said, a lot of bookmakers will often live vidiprinters on the sport, meaning that you can at least keep up to speed with what is happening in your chosen fight.

    Boxing bet of the day

    In such a crowded market, finding the best value odds and the best bets to place on boxing can be incredibly difficult. That’s why we here at Bonus Bets aim to keep our readers up to date with the best odds with our bet of the day features.

    Make sure you check our site on the days of big fights to find our best value boxing tips, and where to place them. 

    Boxing news

    The boxing news cycle is often one of the fun and most entertaining of any sport and we here at Bonus Bets have made it our mission to keep our customers up to dates with all of the latest news in the sport.

    Knowing all of the latest news in a sport can make a difference when it comes to winning or losing money on your bets.

    We would also like to remind all of our readers to make sure that they take care and gamble responsibly.