Linebet Bet Insurance Offer - Get money back on all losing bets

24 Aug 2021
Phil Lowe 24 Aug 2021
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  • Linebet are offering refunds on all losing bets
  • 100% Bet Insurance available on all singles and accumulator sports bets
  • Offer allows you to insure sports bets either in part or in full
  • Exclusive Linebet promo code NEWBONUS also available for new players
Linebet players can get money back on all losing bets thanks to 100% Bet Insurance.

Bet Insurance is offered at a number of online betting sites, allowing players to either reduce their losses or avoid them completely.

At Linebet, 100% Bet Insurance is available, giving all players at the sportsbook the option of insuring their bets either in part, or in full.

The paid-for service is available on both singles and accumulator bets, and opens up the possibility of completely avoiding a losing bet!

If you're yet to try out this sportsbook, join with the Linebet promo code NEWBONUS to get their biggest available welcome bonus. Once you have registered, you'll have full and immediate access to Bet Insurance and can start insuring bets should you wish to do so.

How Linebet Bet Insurance Works

A quick example of Bet Insutrance at Linebet is as follows:

  • You place a €10 bet at odds of 1.8 and want to insure 100% of the bet. Linebet will insure 100% for a price of €5. If you agree to this, €EUR will be debited from your account.
  • If the bet wins, you'll receive €18, paid to you in full.
  • If the bet loses, you'll still receive €10 because the full stake (10 EUR) was insured.

More than one insurances for the same bet can also be purchased, providing the total amount does not exceed 100% of the bet. For example, you could initially decide to insure 50% of the bet, then 30%, then another 20%. It is worth bearing in mind if doing this that the insurance price may change depending on any odds changes.

To insure your bets at Linebet, simply:

  1. Go to and log in (or open a new account using the bonus code NEWBONUS).
  2. Click on 'Sports' and find the market you wish to bet on
  3. Places your bet(s) - either a Singles or an Accumulator bet
  4. Enter your stake value and confirm the bet
  5. Once confirmed, go to 'My Account' and then select 'Bet History'. Select the bet you have just placed, then find the option "Bet insurance" and click to insure the bet.

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